Software Engineering Graduate Programme

About this programme

Creating. Coding. Delivering. Software Engineering graduates create the products used by millions of customers. We use cutting-edge tech to develop everything from Sky Q to Sky Mobile.

If you want to be a software developer, automated tester or even specialise in a specific field of expertise in the future, then this programme is the one for you. Be behind the wheel and steer your software career in the direction you want, using our structured programme and endless tech opportunities.

What you’ll be doing

Our accelerated 7-month programme starts everyone in a dedicated 5-week bootcamp aimed at giving you all the functional training to get started. You’ll cover learning to create clean, well-structured and efficient code, agile delivery, continuous build and integration, security principles for software development, test driven development and much more.

Afterwards, we’ll move into educational projects where you will partake in a 4-6 week C training course run by one of senior engineers, and then undertake a piece of product delivery that have real life implications alongside our experts. You will be working on our cutting edge projects and technologies such as Sky Glass and streaming technologies, or maybe new WIFI features on our new range of routers. Project development is typically in Linux and embedded C with support scripts in Python, PHP, bash, whatever is needed. If you don’t know C, no worries as our intensive C training course will quickly bring you up to speed.

We’ll then add in additional training based on where your interest lies to pump you up; ready to move into a delivery team where you’ll continue your career as an Associate Developer or Tester.

Could you be in the team behind the next iteration of Sky Glass? Or Sky Go? Whatever your project, you’ll be in the driving seat from day one. Make an impact and get all the support you need to start your career. There’s only one place you’ll see action like this – and that’s Sky.

What we’re looking for

The one essential requirement is that you have or will be graduating soon. It doesn’t matter what your degree is in.

Other skills you may have include:

  • The ability to code using modern day coding languages
  • Have experience creating software applications using modern-day coding languages either at university, at home or in industry
  • Have a real passion for software and technology
  • Are a quick learner and a team player
  • And are aware of agile methodologies.

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London (Osterley):

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Application ends on October 14, 2023
Job ID: 4298 Application ends on October 14, 2023